There's a hissing, there's a whistling
There's a rustling in the air
There's a sound of someone scratching on the glass
Shut the windows, close the curtains
For a vampire is there
And he's looking for a young and pretty lass

Put some garlic round the doorway
Place a cross upon the wall
You must sprinkle holy water round your bed
For his claws are jagged razors
And he's standing eight feet tall
And the minute that he bites you, you're Undead

Though they lay you down to rest
With a cross upon your breast
You'll be rising from your gruesome bed each night
In a cloud of swirling smoke
Firmly bound to Satan's yolk
Sworn to sacrifice a soul before the light

You must fasten all the windows
You must lock up all the doors
And be ready when the vampire comes to woo
Don't succumb to his delight
for the evil in his bite
Can perpetuate the vampire in you

Now prepare to go to bed
And lay down your little head
Say your prayers and hope to see the morning light
There's no need for you to weep
Close your eyes and go to sleep
While I wish you pleasant dreams and sweet Goodnight

By Thomas Vaughan Jones (


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