I walked in the woods on a chilly November morn.
The leaves crunched beneath my feet and were ragged and torn.

The dampness wrapped around my shoulders like a cloak.
My feet felt the cold as the shoe leather became soaked.

A gray mist hung in the air and shrouded the sun.
There in the distance I spotted my find and began to run.

Bittersweet is what prompted my walk among the trees.
There it was as if to say, "Take me please".

I trudged home with my trophy like a hunter home with his dogs.
The walk was worth it even in the dampness and fog.

As I sat in my chair with warm tea in my mug.
I viewed the arrangement laid out on the rug.

A pottery urn held the Bittersweet in homespun beauty.
The walk in the woods was my Autumn duty.


Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@msn.com)


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