To change just one thing, what would it be?
Would I change something about me?
I'll have to think about it, let me see
A process of elimination, that's the key

I might wish to be very rich
Or to be able to sew, 'cause I can't, not a stitch,
And maybe get rid of this danged nervous twitch
But of these, what to change? I wouldn't know which

I could change the furniture or paint a room
Anything to dispel this winter's gloom
Maybe change the brand of my favorite perfume
Or sign my poems with a new nom de plume

But seriously folks, if I could change just one thing
It would be to hear the world bells peacefully ring
There would be no more terror on the wing
We could look forward to what tomorrow would bring

Prayer would be returned to the school
"Under God" would be the absolute rule
No crime in the streets would really be cool
Each one of these changes would be a crown jewel

Now I'll start thinking realistically
Is it possible that I have change making ability?
All I can do is try to be all that I can be
And let great changes begin with me

By susi Taylor (

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