An invitation to a friend's house.
I went for coffee and pumpkin pie.
Talked and laughed awhile,
Then time to go home, just a few blocks.

I took a different way and came upon a sign
That said Dead End Road. Never saw it before.
The next day, I took a walk to venture.
I decided to walk and reached there fine.

Saw a man taking a sign off the fence.
Went up to talk and saw the word Pumpkins.
I pointed and said have you more?
Ya a pile left.
I take you, and we went around the bend, past trees.

Was a house in need of repair.
It was all decorated and lit up for Halloween.
On the side, a pile of pumpkins I did see, all sizes.
We walked to them. He said take your pick.

I looked and could not make up my mind which one.
Said, you pick one out for me, so he looked.
He said, Here You are, it's a nice shaped one.
Asked how much and offered to pay.

He said no way.
You carry it, so may I offer it as I know
You are new in town. I saw you move in.
Stopped at the right house, and I said Thank You.

Put the pumpkin down on the porch and come in.
Have coffee and cake and chat awhile.
Time ticked away and I said I better go now.
He said come tomorrow, help me carve a pumpkin.

He said it was a fun time,
Fun he had not had in a long time.
Got to know one another and a hug I gave.
Out of pocket, a candle he gave to me.

Became close friends and had times together.
Me and my man from Dead End Road...Forever.

A HAPPY THANKSGIVING, with hugs and love.

By Lilly (

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I took the featured photograph in Vermont, near Battleboro, on October 6, 2005.