In real life, he wasn’t much to see,
Overweight, gray beard, and bald on top.
His days were as dull as they could be -
Until he visited that thrift shop.

Rummaging through the junk in the place,
A well-used computer caught his eye.
He had room; it wouldn’t take much space;
And too good a bargain to pass by.

The components he stowed in his truck,
A pickup with rusted out fenders.
He simply couldn’t believe his luck,
Not being one of those big spenders.

Living on a government pension,
This was, indeed, an extravagance,
But he’d heard much of this invention
And he figured he would take the chance.

He followed all of the directions,
Which he was very grateful to get,
For the complicated connections
Would certainly have made him upset.

With a server, he signed up that day,
And in no time at all was on line.
Surfing the Net in his fumbling way,
But learning, and getting along fine.

Finding a chat room or message board,
He soon joined in all of the “chatter”,
Amazed he was no longer ignored,
And what he looked like didn’t matter.

Taking on several disguises,
He would roam all throughout Cyberspace,
And one of the biggest surprises -
He “met” females from everyplace.

There was no end to the lies he told,
And these women believed all his tales.
On his wild stories they were all sold,
Desperate to link with handsome males.


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