November fell upon us clear and crisp,
Both sunny days and those of dreary mist.

Leaves of gold and red came down in showers,
Just as in days gone by spent under golden maple bowers.

Wood smoke filled the air and our memories of childhood walks;
Sidewalks where we moved swiftly in the chill were remembered for filling the air with girl to girl talks.

Houses sat close together down street after street,
And were filled with families you would have loved to meet.

The big day was looked forward to with great anticipation.
It was the day of the turkey and thanksgiving proclamations.

Decorations and place cards were carried home for the table,
And we couldnít wait to show them to Uncle Henry & Aunt Mabel.

We sang songs about harvest, home and grace,
And smiles and gladness showed on each and every childlike face.

We savor the season from year to year,
And didnít realize what we had until now when we shed a tear.

Not a tear of sadness for years already spent,
But for joy at the wonderful memories that we were lent.

Thank you Lord for letting me remember still, And for those years of Thanksgiving that were such a thrill.

© By Phyllis Ann (

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