I have a few Royal Daulton figurines and I have a few early editions of some of my favorite novels. I took the picture because these are my Simple Pleasures. ~ Marilyn

As dusk in the fall does come,
A stillness is felt,
And the sounds, small sounds,
Do a song make.

The cacophony of sounds do a mellow song make,
As all Godís creatures add to the symphony.
The buzz of a bee, a cricketís chirp,
Do a song of autumn make.

The rustling leaves, with their reds and browns,
As they dry in the autumnal sun,
Coupled with natureís sounds,
Do a song make.

For lovely is fall as is the intensity of summer,
And it does make for the mellow.
Winter's sharp tones are upon us,
It's a slowing down time of the year.

© By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)

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