Thank you to those who have served, and are serving in the American Armed Forces.


This page is dedicated to our Veterans, to whom we say "Thank You"!

Tom (, a veteran, composed the following poem.

I stand in the graveyard oh so quiet
Stand there and look at the small markers.
A smile does come to my face,
on this a very somber occasion.

Out here in Wyoming,
Here on an old Cavalry post,
I stand and at the markers look,
seeing history before my face.

Pvt Jim Baker from Ohio,
Killed in a skirmish in the 1870s.
General Horace Jones who lost his life,
Down in Mexico, fighting on horse back.

German soldiers from WW II,
who died as prisoners here,
A small closed cemetery it is,
But it does make me proud.

I come from a family that has always served,
The Revolution, and for the Gray in the Civil War.
Our family served, no big thing,
For we have been proud to serve our nation.

Two sons I have and they both served,
One is again going back to Iraq.
Nothing special, no fanfare,
It is just our civic duty.

So many have served, so many have given,
But it is what makes our country.
An amalgamation of oh so many,
We do all want our Freedom.

tomWYO (
USMC-USAF, Major, retired

The Volunteer State has lived up to its name.
The Tennessee National Guard is one and the same.

They have sent many to conflicts in recent years.
Some have come home to adulation and cheers.

Some have come home under the flag draped.
Far from home, they did not escape.

They did not escape the road side bombs of the desert land far from home and loved ones dear.
For them we put our hand on our hearts and shed a tear.

Volunteers in a hostile land, they served well for the Home of the Brave.
On this Veteran's Day we pay tribute at the side of many a grave.

Phyllis Ann (

hands on their hearts they watch
standing in the drizzely rain they watch
cold November parade to honor them
as Old Glory passes by, hands on their hearts,
they watch

as the muffled drums beat their cadence, they watch
they who served, tears freely flow as they watch
young men and women march by heads held high
the veterans of past wars hold hands over their hearts as they watch

assailed by memories of friends lost, they watch
saluting the flags in the November wind, they watch
"We will never forget!" promised with hands on hearts
and the parade passes by as they watch

susi Taylor (

Victory Parade

He came across his uniform,
While rummaging through a closet,
Thinking back, with it over his arm -
Just how many years ago was it?

The Ike jacket, too snug now to wear,
Brought memories to him of parades,
Especially, the march through Times Square,
All the wild cheering and accolades.

Never, since then, had he felt such pride,
Bass drum beating cadence, head held high,
Brothers in arms strutting by his side,
Crowd saluting as the flag passed by.

Up front, rippling red, white and blue,
The banner brought moisture to his eyes.
His nation had called, and hed come through,
Although, at times, hed feared otherwise.

Reflecting then, he gave humble thanks,
That he had returned to see this day.
So many no longer filled those ranks,
For the ultimate price did they pay.

Reverently, he rehangs the coat,
Over the stripes, brushes his finger.
Those martial days now seem remote,
Yet on Veterans Day, thoughts linger.

RickMack (

My heart goes out to all the families who have lost loved ones, fighting for freedom. My family has been fortunate in that they all came back whole. My husband lost an uncle in WW2. Two really dear friends, I had known all my growing up years, died in Viet Nam. To them, and their families, I say thank you. And I wish that you had been allowed to live out your lives instead of losing them at so young an age.

Sharon (

I salute the veterans of all wars. As I stand amidst the three new memorials in Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois, I have a feeling come over me and can't help but let a tear drop fall. In the corner of the cemetery, are memorials for three wars -- World War 2, Korea and Viet Nam. These memorials remind us of the sacrifices of those who have died for their country or who lived to remember what war is all about. Without these brave warriors, we could not be free.

Just a few steps away, is the grave of my husband who served in the 2nd Air Wing, USMC in the south Pacific. He was a proud Marine. And further to the east is the majestic monument of President Abraham Lincoln, looking over all the persons buried here.

I end this tribute by remembering Major Tom who served in two branches. His tribute is first, as it should be. May our president see fit to bring home our troops from Iraq. I'm proud to know many veterans who served and may God bless each and every one of them.

By Mary (

I salute a new friend whom I met on line. The only veteran I know who is living and standing proud. His name is TomWYO. My hand goes over my heart for you and a small flag in the other hand waving so proudly.

For others, I take a moment to offer thanks, a prayer, and a tear for doing their duty in the services, now and to those who have lost their lives fighting for freedom. I think of memories of those dear to me who served and died or lived. My hand goes over my heart and a tear shed as I look at a small flag hung by my door waving proudly.

By Lilly (







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