"Turkey, turkey, turkey!"
It's all I ever hear!
Why can't they eat beef jerky?
For that one day a year?

"We must keep the tradition,
We always eat that way."
I've got a nervous condition,
That worsens, come what may.

All this talk of oyster stuffing,
Sauce made from cranberries.
To calm me, it does nothing!
But it adds to all my worries.

Here I am, right in my prime.
I've got everything to lose!
Don't you think this is the time?
A leg of lamb to choose?

A friend of mine, a chicken,
Used to work for Frank Perdue.
She found out that "Finger Lickin'"
Wasn't a goal that she'd pursue.

Across the way, there lived a duck.
A free-ranging fellow was he.
Got hit by a 'ButterBall' truck!
Like the fate that soon awaits me!

I know vegetarians are out there.
Who never, ever would eat any fowl.
But carnivores just don't fight fair.
I wish I was a Great Barred Owl.

Now in November my time draws near.
Like Popeye, "I am what I am!"
How's about you be a dear?
On Thanksgiving, for once, try a ham!

By Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)

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