November…The Thief in the Calendar.

November will steal away the last of your Indian Summer dreams when the first real day of frost sparkles the grass. It has faded from emerald green to khaki and you will now have to admit that the sweater you have on is not quite enough.

Time to look for your winter gear. It’s been waiting for you in the back of the closet. Haven’t you heard the smothered laughter? It knew you were coming to get it. It heard the furnace go on yesterday morning and the boots shared giggles with the three mittens.

You just know when you throw out that lone red mitten, the other one will show up. The winter coat hangs and preens its polyester fur trim. It’s the one you wear the most and it’s conformed to the shape of your body over the past few years. It looks forward to giving you a welcome back hug, hoping that you notice the missing button. It’s been missing for about two years now and you did mean to replace it. No matter! It was only decorative and the coat doesn’t really mind the safety pin you used to hold the tab on the sleeve.

November shows you the real shape of the trees. You never notice the funny kink in the trunk of the elm tree until this time of year. When the first pale green leaves appear in the spring, you pay no attention to the trunk at all. But today? Today you find yourself staring at it. Searching your memory to see if it was there last November? The snow may come soon and it won’t be as noticeable. It’s like seeing a tattoo on your grandmother. You know it’s been there all along but it’s still a bit startling.

As you fold away the calendar page for October, you see a picture of a turkey. Is this the year you will have the whole family together? Under the same roof? At the same table? Someone is always missing. They’re all so busy it seems. The ones who live far away can’t make the trip.

The ones who live closer have to work odd hours for the holiday. As much as you complain about the shopping, the cooking, the serving and the cleaning up…. You really would look forward to it. There was the year that you burned the turkey! The whole family was there for that one. Too bad that you can’t have them all back again so they could make jokes about how “Well Done” they want the bird. You’ll call them and casually mention it. Who can tell? Maybe this will be the year they can all come?

Thoughts of Thanksgiving spin your head by making you think about the fact that you haven’t given a stray thought to buying gifts for the holidays. Roaming through the attic of your mind, you realize you never did finish the sweater that you were making for your oldest grandson. Where did you put it? It was a big bag of yarn and several crochet needles. You always buy new ones because you are famous for losing them.

You get down on your knees and open the bottom doors of the TV cabinet…THERE IT IS!!! Skein upon skein of multi-colored yarn. Maybe if you stay up really late, and crochet non-stop for a few weeks, it will be ready. There is the back of it that you had finished and a few lines of the front. Remember that you stopped because the weather had turned too warm to work with wool? When you hold up the back you realize that it will not fit him. He’s grown so tall and big the sweater would never fit. Now you wonder exactly how many years it’s been since you started the sweater? Never mind… You had good intentions.

November is the month that you have to pay attention to all the things that you were sure you’d have done by now. Start a list and then cross off all the things that you completed. All righty then….. Let’s just see… Hhhhmmmm.. Aha! Spring Cleaning… ! Good! Now you can cross that off…… Well, that was a truly dumb idea! Put down the pen and go get the winter coat and check the pockets. You never think to do that when you put it in the closet because it may turn cold again in June and you’ll only have it back on again.

Once you found a lottery ticket in the pocket when you put it on for the first cold day. Remember how excited you were? You went on line right away to check to see if it was a winner….six months ago. It wasn’t. But for ten minutes you were a potential multi-millionaire! It was a great ten minutes!

Open the door and walk out in the chilly air. Feel the way the coat hugs you? It missed you. And you don’t want to miss November, do you?

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