You grow cold as we reach November,
Our love has cooled with the weather,
We met in the spring as the lilacs bloomed,
Our love grew so hot in the summer.

As the forsythia and iris brought us their blooms,
We met and did fall in love.
You were walking your little dog,
I was just out for a stroll.

We began to chat as the first blooms of spring,
So casual and so free,
Then we did take to one another,
Growing close, closer and closer.

And as nature’s wonders did unfold,
Our love became so bold.
Closer and closer and so strong,
We in love did fall so deep.

I wrote you poems, I brought you flowers,
As we did while away the hours,
Taking walks, making love,
I was the king of the universe.

But as summer and the flowers did fade,
Your love seemed to ebb away.
Slowly our passion, our oneness,
Did fade away with the summer scenery.

Now you are cold to me,
Very seldom do you I see,
Always busy, always and excuse,
But your words do tell a different story.

I lost my love as the weather cooled,
Lost my love in the fall,
Lost my love as the flowers did fade,
She was gone when it snowed.

I miss my love, I miss my lover,
As here it is now November.
Oh my love, come back to me,
For I love you more as we reach December.

© By Tom (

The featured photograph was taken by Tom ( and is used with his permission.

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