Look at the acorn! Can you see?
Do you think it can become a tree?
All around us, oaks so tall,
Started from something just this small.

Squirrels will eat some of these.
There'd be no room for all the trees.
A few will root and some will grow.
And fill the sky with leaves to blow.

Mother Nature, sly old hag,
Can fit a forest in a laundry bag!
But Father Time must have no fears,
'Cause it could take a hundred years!

© By Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)

Acorns, acorns, everywhere,
With wise squirrels running around,
All scurrying about for their share,
As up and down the trees they bound.

They stash the acorns in their nest,
Filling up every hollow.
These creatures certainly know best,
What sort of winter will follow.

High in the oaks they’ll hibernate,
Confident in their food supply,
While lazy squirrels seal their fate,
For if not prepared, they will die.

And so it is with humans, too,
Failing to secure later years.
Social Security won’t do,
So in soup lines, you’ll see their tears.

© By RickMack (Rmrickmack@aol.com)

Little squirrels can't hide their faces,
They're scampering all around with their nuts,
Today I found an acorn under a lilac tree,
Where the lavender grew in the ruts.

Bare trees baring their nests,
The little fellows keep preparing,
Acorns are losing their little hats,
While squirrel babies are losing their bearings.

And they're hungry, they're all getting fat,
Stealing bird food from all low hanging feeders,
They bury their finds in our pots,
Expect them to stay there through weeders.

Pockets full with blazing jewel leaves,
To press in a pretty design.
Autumn's Glow softens the sun,
As heat and humidity resign.




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