In the wake of Thanksgiving Day,
Black Friday arrives, so we shop.
Tradition, throwing dough away,
Buying all sorts of stuff, non-stop.

Christmas will be coming soon now,
And folks want to avoid the rush.
Friday, stores are packed, anyhow,
So one is still stuck in the crush.

The whole thing is a retail ploy,
As they arrange every sale,
Tempting children with each new toy,
On flyers that come through the mail.

“What if Roboto X sells out?”
They ask mother on Black Friday,
And then they sit around and pout,
Until Mom joins the wild melee.

Those bargains, of course, are the bait,
Just to get you into the store.
You’re afraid you might be too late,
And gifts won’t be there anymore.

What if there is nothing to buy,
After Black Friday has passed on?
What if, on Saturday, you try,
And find everything is gone?

There’d be no Christmas Day at all,
Not a present under the tree.
See you Black Friday, at the mall -
I hope there’s something left for me.


© RickMack (


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