Got a whisk broom from the Dollar Store,
Attached to a dustpan contraption.
Really thought I needed that,
For crumbs and this and that-shun.

It's been hanging on the pantry door,
Right near the ordinary big one.
Still wet the edge of the news,
And use that to brush up any crumb.

Got a Red Devil vacuum one Christmas
For whisking upholstery, too,
It's hidden in the den closet,
Looks just like brand new.

The old broom us rough and shreddy,
It's been in many tight places.
Even goes under stove or dresser,
To scoot out lost things and suitcases.

Would you believe I lift up the vacuum
And run it across the couch.
Too hurried to hook up attachments.
Just a lazy louse.

Got a big broom for yard and driveway,
And a leaf broom at the side of the house,
Someday I'll really use them,
After the wind blows the leaves down south.


Norma (


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