A long time ago, my course I had set straight
And believe me, it has been quite a trip.
I have been the Master of my Fate.
I am the Captain of my Ship.

I have sailed to many ports
Over the course of many long years.
Some have been for fun and sports.
Some ended sadly involving tears.

Alas, the sailing has not always been smooth.
Times when the seas were turbulent and rough.
Would that Iíd charted a different course, forsooth.
Perhaps, the sailing may have been less tough.

This voyage, however, along the Sea of Life
Has been an experience Iím blessed to have had.
Iíve learned much sailing through Seas of Strife
That I must take the good along with the bad.

Although I am Captain of my Ship,
It matters greatly who are the crew
For there are choppy waters on every trip
And a good crew will help see me through.



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