This picture was taken next to Independence Hall in Philadelphia on Veterans' Day. The man standing there crying had served in the Vietnam War. The crosses represent local young men who had died in Iraq. It was a very emotional moment as I stood next to him and saw his pain. I touched his shoulder and he took my hand and we stood silently for a minute and then I walked away and watched him dry his eyes.

He stands alone and gazes
At white crosses row on row
Tears are running down his face
For brothers he didn't know

He relives all the battles
'Tho it's been three dozen years
The flash backs keep on coming
He can't hold back the tears

In the cradle town of Liberty
These young men are laid to rest
They've fought to save our freedom
We've lost thousands of our best

The terror still emerges
Both at home and far away
Pray that men in battle
Stay safe, far from harm's way


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