If I were a queen, i'd want to be
Queen Mary or Elizabeth on the sea
The greatest ruler in the beehive scene
Oh what a feeling! to be the Queen

If I were a queen and not just a speck
I'd want to be the greatest in the deck
Not ruled by another other card you see
Yes, that's the kind of queen i'd be

If I were a queen, I'd flutter by
And be the best of all butterflies
Who says the Monarch must be a male
Beside the Queen, those kings would pale

If I were queen, I'd play the part
And be the ruler of your heart
But you'd never have to bow to me
Because my equal you would be

Being a queen takes a lot of work
And though I am not one to shirk
I think i'm satisfied just to be
Ruler of my roost, I'm Queen Susi


By susi Taylor (Texaswishr@aol.com)

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