Orange-Cranberry relish
Or red Cranberry sauce
Made especially for you
By the kitchen boss

Cranberries are good
To put in a pea shooter
And aim at one's brother
Riding by on a scooter

Cranberry juice spilled
On Grandma's clean rug
Sometimes she shouts
Sometimes gives a hug

Cranberries so red and
With a taste oh so tart
Gives the turkey dinner
Just the right start

Versile little red things
Cranberries are good
Play marbles with them
Like we ought not should

By Sharon (

I never saw a real cranberry,
And back then I understood
How to open both ends of the can
To scoop out for Thanksgiving, so good.

When my folks took all out one year,
And the Greek restaurant served our dinner,
Surprised I was to find whole sauce,
Not can-shaped lines circling thinner.

Ah, a challenge, now that's what I like,
And began seeing them in stores,
Brought them home and cooked them,
Sour! I'd rather eat s'mores.

Time marched on its inevitable way,
Learned to add sugar, alone,
Thought I was so smart just at this,
But, no, still had to grow to atone.

Now it's cranberries, nuts and oranges,
Cranberry muffins so hot.
Hardly remember those canned ones.
Hardly, but never forgot.

By Norma (

Fried chicken with no cranberries.
Is just a joke, a nasty tease.
The mashed potatoes look OK,
Even green peas won't save the day.

This is known as "Comfort Food"
Sorta plain, but really good.
But it's nothing, as you know,
No cranberries? Eat some crow!

Don't give me some in a tiny cup!
I'll only say; "Hey! What's up?"
A whole can is more my pleasure.
To spoon up some, at my leisure.

At KFC, they offer mac & cheese.
But they don't have no cranberries!
It's a sin, a crying shame to all
Causing all the profits to fall.

Even a turkey is considered naked,
No matter how well it's been baked.
It would be a total loss
without a side of cranberry sauce.





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