Sitting at my desk, moved to the window in the Spring,
All summer the shade, the tree leaves sprung.
Not see too much going by this roadway,
Just bottom of cars, trucks, and people.
Mother bunny playing tag with her baby,
Squirrels climb the bird feeder, I say shoo.
Birds come all morning, eat then fly away,
A nice breeze comes in from outside too.

Fall. Now all leaves fallen to the ground, but two,
Watch them twirling around as if dancing,
Strong cold winds came, they let go and fell.
Bird house empty now, swinging on a branch,
See cars, trucks go by'n people walking.
Mother and baby bunny gone to find a nest,
Squirrels busy hauling nuts, hole in the tree,
Birds, wild ones gone, little ones stay on.
Hear the chirping,
Winter coming, window closed, busy at my desk.

Happy December



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