On the winds of pure grace we hoisted our sails
Embarking upon a year as yet behind veils.
Soon it became clear that life is like the restless sea,
Tossing our tiny barque around as if in pure glee.
When the Magi departed and the shepherds had gone
The Child and his parents were left on their own
To flee into Egypt where they stayed for a spell.
Upon their return , what stories they’d tell!
We searched the heavens and guided by the stars
Sighted Spirit and Opportunity landing on Mars.

When candles were lighted on Candlemas Day
Darkness was subsiding, Spring was on its way.
With each annual birthday all get older in time,
But not if your birthday is on February twenty-nine!
In Athens, to the strains of “Immortal Spirit of Antiquity,”
Olympians wore laurel wreaths, emblems of victory.
There were national elections–a year-long grind.
Iowa and New Hampshire were all but entwined.
A presidential aspirant made a clean sweep of each state.
Finally election day dawned–it was a long wait.

Autumn was bright but chilly, well-nigh without cheer,
It’s warmth early sent to the southern hemisphere.
Pondering a world full of global hurts we deliberate
About social justice, trying hard not to incriminate.
Our hearts have been burdened by the war in Iraq.
It’s now almost two years. Is there no turning back?
Precious cargo of flag-covered caskets–so quietly they lie–
Flying home to their birth land for a final goodbye.
Please hug and embrace all of those you hold dear
And pray for our troops who, for us, persevere.

Harking back to nineteen forty-four
Many still remember a world steeped in war.
Then, as now, we pray to the Prince of Peace
Enjoining Him that wars everywhere should cease.
Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel, we've sung
As Advent candles were lighted one by one.
Let each heart become the manger bed
Where shepherds and kings once were led.
May they be filled during this season of grace
With the joy shining from the Christ Child’s face.


© By Evelyn (Evenccw@aol.com)

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