White means that no color is here.
It's asking for some red or blue
An empty space, that much is clear.
Needing something to make it true.

A page still empty and bare.
Looking for deep orange or green.
A picture of a day so warm and fair,
As pretty as you've ever seen.

The pinks and reds of sunrise shout
To be spread on the expanse of white
Some bright turquoise to spill out
Or deep purple and indigo of night.

Even snow has colors in the shades.
Plain sunshine brings it to the eye.
The special greens hide in the glades.
And you'll find them if you just try.

White is a space that you must fill
And colors can whisper or even scream.
And white is just what's waiting still
For the rainbows in your dream.


By Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)

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