In a little town lived a mommy with kids,
Christmas was coming no presents or tree.
She took kids with her to buy some gifts.
A close-out clearance sale at one she knew,
Monty Wards was the name, and off they went.
Got there and said, kids you stay near to me,
They played under clearance racks, so she could see.
One disappeared and sisters told mommy.
Oh no, and they looked.
But no Susie to see.

Saw a Security Guard and told the story,
He called somewhere and said she is found!
I take you up to Lay-Away on the elevator,
Up to fourth floor and around the corner.
There she was sitting on a counter talking,
Turned around and candy cane in her mouth.
Some in her hand too, and she had a big smile,
Didn't understand why they were crying.
They hugged her and said you got lost,
She was all sticky and gave her sisters a couple.
Lady got a damp rag and washed her off.
She smiled.

Mommy said going home now, come another day,
Security guard took their name and address.
They left store, kids said no presents we got.
Mommy said write letter to Santa, he will bring.
Two weeks later, after kids went off to school,
There was a knock at door, mommy answered.
Hello, and said I know you from Monty Wards. He said yes and have something for you all,
Where you want them?
She led him to the basement.

The Security Guard said his name and asked her
Would you like to go with me to the store party?
It will be on Friday and can you get a sitter?
She said I think so.
He said, will pick you up at 7.
Locked door in basement and arranged everything.

Friday he came. She was excited, been a long time.
Wear warm clothes, as we will go on a sleigh ride.
Sitter came, kids in jammies. Mommy kissed kids.
They walked to car and off they went to the party,
He said it was a honor to have her be with him.
You have a good time now and be happy with me.

The sleigh ride was fun with singing carols,
Looked at pretty decorated houses along way,
Stopped back at the party and was introduced to all.
She enjoyed herself, to meet talk with his friends,
Time to go home, he told her. I will bring you
a Christmas tree tomorrow.
She said that's nice.
Come and have supper with us if you can, and yes.
He did come with little tree and ornaments.

After kids went to bed, he set up tree near window,
They both decorated it, talked and laughed,
Looked at the tree, smiled, and a hug he gave.
She smiled back, said you are kind, a hug back.
He grabbed mistletoe, put it above and kissed her.
They looked at each other, aware of love there.
Both said oh, A Happy Christmas afterall.


By Lilly (




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