It came today, out of the blue,
A complete and total surprise.
A Christmas card, long overdue,
She just couldn’t believe her eyes.

And then, the tears began to flow,
Reading the scrawled words at the door,
“I miss you more than you can know.”
Stunned, she dropped the card to the floor.

It was all coming back to her,
The wrenching anguish and the pain.
She recalled how in love they were,
As he waved to her from the train.

Off to war, he was being sent,
With thousands of other young men.
A piece of her heart also went,
Lost, and not to return again.

She would never forget the day,
Even though fifty years had passed,
When the telegram came to say,
In Korea, he’d breathed his last.

It was after Christmas that year,
When she got the terrible news.
How strange that this card should appear,
The envelope showing abuse.

Paper faded, mangled and stained,
Postmarked in nineteen-fifty two.
Five decades, it had been detained,
But the Postal Service came through.


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