“C” is for Christ who is all but forgotten at this season.
We are supposed to remember that His birth is the reason.


“H” is for the halo that encircled His head.
“R” is for His robe of white when to his death he was led.


“I” is for the ill treatment that He suffered at His accusers’ hands.


“S” is for His suffering on the cross in our stead.
“T” is for the title placed over His head, “King of the Jews” is what it read.


“M” is for Mary, His Mother who wept.
“A” is for the animals who at His birth over Him a watch kept.


“S” is for that Silent Night that changed history as the angles sang.
Somewhere in the distance the Christmas bells still rang.



© By Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@msn.com)

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