They say Christmas is a coming
And it is right around the bend
The family will soon be here
There are some Christmas cards to send

We are all hoping for some snow
To cover up the fall-time mud
We all love it when it slides off
Our tin roof with a mighty thud

There are icicles hanging down
They nearly touch the frozen ground
The trees are all shiny with frost
The snow muffles the traffic’s sound

Mother is putting up the tree
So stay away from there tonight
It is her very special thing
Each ornament must be just right

The garland goes around the tree
The tinsel is each placed with care
The bulbs are all symmetrical
To change a one we would not dare

On the very top there will be
A large curly, candy striped bow
With streamers clear down to the floor
Then the tree will be good to go

The presents will be carried out
The room will be one quarter full
With gifts to make the kids happy
The evening will not be dull

There will be a paper mountain
After all the gifts are open
There will be bows in Grandpa’s hair
The kids will be up way past ten

Tyler wants another train set
Trista wants P. J’s with footies
Cody wants the movie Shreck 2
Chelsea wants the Garfield movies

Jessica would most like to have
Some more Tender Spirit Babies
And Mikey, he is real easy-
Every spider man he sees

Then there’s Grandma whose one request
A day without arthritis pain
And Grandpa who has but one wish
That his grandchildren’s love he’ll gain

Bob just wants to come home to stay
But Beate will not agree
Lonnie want to get out of debt
Stephanie just wants to be free

Wendy hopes for a baby soon
Scott’s hoping for another son
Brian wants a new game burner
Joy wants it all to be done

There is turkey, ham and gravy
Corn and peas and maybe jello
Stuffing, cranberry sauce so sweet
Potatoes, mashed for this fellow

As we gather and eat our fill
We will say grace before we dine
For from our God, comes all these things
The food and all those gifts so fine

We won’t all be together here
Bob, Beate, Jessie, Mikey
Reside in far off Germany
We’ll talk by phone to them you see

We hope your day is as happy
As we expect our day to be
May God bless you every one
With your family by the tree

By Ed(




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