In my heart, I have a love for the Holidays.
At this time of year, I like to remember
all of the joyous past celebrations
with family and friends in cold December.

The frigid and wintry weather
is an important event to recall.
Being bundled up in snowsuits,
waiting for the first real snowfall.

In the middle of the twelfth month,
buying our live Christmas tree
was the greatest shopping adventure.
Our tree was the loveliest we could see.

Homemade decorations, wrapped in tissue,
were taken from the attic hiding place.
Mother let us hang them on the branches
and we filled up every green space.

The Nativity Scene with Mary and Joseph
was placed underneath the fir tree.
And there lay Baby Jesus in the Manger
with the animals and the Wise Men Three.

Some say that Christmastime is for children
and with that thought, I do agree.
However, within each and everyone of us
lives the child we were, when we unlock the key.



By Cara (

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