Over the river, with E-Z Pass.
No more woods abound.
In our SUV, the kids and me.
My! how the condos abound!


Jingle Bells, debtors Hells
Your money's all been spent!
The heating bill is not paid, still!
And you bounced the check for rent.

Straight past the mall
Holding shoppers in thrall,
Spending money they haven't got.
The 'High End' stores, with several floors,
Are really easy to spot.


Town Hall you can see, has no Christmas tree.
Not even a reindeer or two.
There's no Santa here and it's really quite clear,
It's made 'Politically Correct" for you.


No Menorah for you, lit up in blue,
And Kwannzaa, you can forget!
This is the way we celebrate today.
It's just for the presents you get!


So you sit in jail, 'cause you can't make bail.
But, it's "3 hots and a cot"..
And your family's here, so cheer up dear!
You gave Christmas your best shot.

May you have a happy winter with just as much snow as you want...
And not a flake more!



By Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)

Original 'toon by Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)





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