We were all children once upon a time,
In a day when we could walk to church & school without fear of being victims of crime.

Truly innocent we were with bright, eager faces,
And educated by teachers, kin and mother in all the social graces.

Respect and godliness were taught on every corner of town,
And we did what we were told with nary a sound.

Christmas was a time for snowy reflection on the past year.
Whether we were naughty or nice became crystal clear.

The tree was purchased from the lot down the street,
Where boys in caps and mittens greeted all they did meet.

Father carried it home on his shoulder down icy walks lit with street lights aglow,
And our foot prints were left on the new fallen snow.

Hearth and home were more important than fortune or fame,
And mother & father taught these principles from whence they came.

The evergreens in front of the house were decorated with colored lights for the neighbors to see,
And the tinseled tree was stood in front of the living room window so passers by and children could enjoy it with glee.

Christmas Eve was quiet with anticipation of the big day ahead,
And children slumbered softly, after their prayers were said.

Christmas broke early with bouncing, laughter and tussled hair,
And much waiting for the signal to into the gifts tear.

Under the tree the wrapped presents awaited us in the chill morning air,
And pajamas, robes and slippers were the fashion to wear.

Colored paper went flying in all directions as secrets were revealed,
And amid all the laughter could be heard shrill, small squeals.

Hot coffee, sweet rolls and eggnog warmed our tummies and hearts,
And in “Once Upon a Christmas” on life’s stage we played our parts.


© By Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@msn.com)

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