And at last, we are in December
to forget or to remember
all of the events we
went through.

One more year of reforms,
ups and down, substitutions
or unfulfilled resolutions
that we thought of way
back then.

One more year day by day
in the struggle for survival
fighting back every which way.

Commitments and achievements,
New approaches with success,
sometimes bitter disappointments,
drops of sweat.

Old ideas full of rust,
road we walked covered with dust.

One more year of filling in page after page,
as we write our life's book.

One page at the time,
we have reached the final chapter
hoping that, what we desire
around Christmas may come true.
I look forward to this season
and I know that you do too.

Hope you have a merry Christmas;
and the best to all of you.



By Emiliano Martin (

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