The Wilson family consisted of a father, a mother, two boys and a two year old girl. Preparing for Christmas was chaotic to say the least. While the boys were at school, Mrs. Wilson would take little Julie shopping with her. Julie could be a handful at times, as are most two year old children. But there was no help for it. There were no close family members with whom she could be left. One day at the mall, Mrs. Wilson stood in the line with Julie so Julie could see Santa. When it was Julie's turn to sit on Santa's lap, she was not a bit afraid. She giggled and tugged at his beard.

"What is your name little girl?"


"And what do you want for Christmas?"

"Pretty ribbons. Lots of pretty ribbons."

"Don't you want a doll? Or a puppy?"

"I like ribbons."

Afterwards, as they walked around the mall, Julie saw ribbon-decorated trees, ribbons in the hair of a little girl, and ribbons everywhere. Each time she would point and say, "Pretty ribbons."

Mrs. Wilson got the hint and bought several packages of ribbons: some green, some red, and some white. Some were shaped in bows with sticky backing to put on packages.

While on the way home, Julie kept trying to get into the packages. "Pretty ribbons," she would say.

That evening, while Julie and the boys were sleeping, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson put up the Christmas tree, decorating it with red and white bows made from the ribbons that were bought. They wrapped packages and tied them with ribbons, topping each with a bow. Then they went to bed, satisfied that the children would be surprised when they woke up.

Earlier, each child had tried to peek in the packages, but were admonished to leave them alone. Julie kept taking bows off the tree, but Mrs. Wilson would take them away and put them back on. "Pretty ribbons," Julie would say.

Early morning, Christmas Day, before it was even light outside, noises were heard in the living room. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson came out of the bedroom, as did the boys. All were afraid there was a burglar. They waited in the hallway, while Mr. Wilson cautiously went to investigate.

Suddenly he burst out laughing so they all knew it was safe to approach.

There in the living room sat Julie. All the bows had been taken off the tree and packages, and Julie sat in the middle of the floor giggling. Bows were stuck to her hair and her pajamas. Sticky bows were stuck to the dog's fur. A ribbon had been tied to the cat's tail.

"Pretty ribbons. I like ribbons."


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