Whiskers twitching ears wiggle
Purrs that warm the heart
Touch once its soft furry coat
And you will never part

Nothing like a little cat
To make your day a smile
Racing, tumbling, leaping more
Watch it play for awhile

Strings and boxes seem to please
That funny little cat
Climbing up your drapery
What do you think of that

Finding just the right sleep spot
Often a bit of sun ray
Needs plenty of rest he does
To wake up for more play

© By Sharon (Sunyskys1943@aol.com)

Deep slumber, oh so quiet
As they relax and take a nap
Hard day, chasing ribbons and balls,
Christmas time is so tiring

Bits of fur in the air,
From which cat I know not who,
But I would bet it is old blue,
That mangy old tom.

Two cats, young and old,
One rambunctious, one so calm,
One facing life, wants to quickly
Learn it all first hand.

The other getting fat,
Likes to relax as he
Passes his day,
As he has been there.

Two cats a slumbering,
Oh so peaceful, oh so calm,
Just there in a heap,
Oh so sound asleep.

© By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)

I miss you, TomCat.
I miss you-- handsome, lithe and muscular bundle of soft fur.
I see your big blue eyes, pink nose and striped tail in my dreams,
And wonder if you ever think of me.

I miss you TomCat.
I miss seeing you stretched out on the kitchen table
Catching a breeze under the ceiling fan, ready to leap as I approach.
Do you miss playing control games with me?

I miss you, TomCat.
I miss your warm body stretched across my belly,
Feeling the vibrations of your purring.
Do you enjoy snuggling with someone new?

I miss you, TomCat.
But all you care about is a soft cushion
Or a warm body to rest against,
A dish of Savory Salmon and furry toy mice.

The calm and peace you brought to my life
Was a time of great joy and pleasure
Watching you nap, chasing a ball,
Everything done perfectly and gracefully.

Our time together came to an end,
But the pleasure you brought to me
Will last a lifetime.
I miss you, TomCat

(For those who don't know, I married this year. My new husband is allergic to cats, and we are doing a lot of traveling to visit our children scattered across the country. I couldn't keep TomCat. He went to live with his former owners and I hear he is very happy. His new name is Sugarfoot.)

© By Frannie (Frannie516@comcast.net)

Cat Nap

How cute they look, and innocent,
Huddled together in a bunch.
That’s because they’re completely spent,
After catching three mice for lunch.

Wildly, they raced around the house,
Chasing after their rodent prey.
Itching to tear into a mouse -
Nature intended it that way.

Yet, from a mouse’s point of view,
This arrangement doesn’t seem fair,
For they’d like to live in peace, too,
Without danger everywhere.

It’s such a gruesome way to go,
Being painfully chewed to death.
No worse fate can a poor mouse know,
Feeling those fangs, smelling cat breath.

Now the cute kittens need their sleep,
So they can restore energy.
How sweet they seem all in a heap,
Dreaming about more cruelty.

© By RickMack (Rmrickmack@aol.com)

These Are My Cats

These are my cats and I know them well.
One is real shy, the other, crazy as hell.
On the right, Halfie is a bit short on the tail.
And the left is Fuzzbucket, eats by the pail.
Halfie is really quite the motherly type
Fuzz is Maine Coon and believes the hype.
When Halfie was young, we had her "Fixed".
The idea of Kittens was surely "Deep-Sixed".
The Troll is her favorite Human of all.
Fuzz is too cute to come when you call.
They cuddled up together the other night,
Like Mother and son, there was a sight!
His paw is dangling off the edge of the seat,
Hers is around him, the picture's complete.
Sweet and composed, looks like it's heaven.
Wondering where are the other seven?

© By Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)

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