Visa bills, my heart stills,
My credit score is a pity.
Registers ring, buying anything.
Like DVD's of "Sex in the City".

It's a car jack, by a drug whack.
He escapes in your wheels!
Your insurance was cancelled today.
There's a bus strike and it looks like
You can forget all about the subway.

Mastercard. Payments hard.
The presents were locked in the trunk.
Drove off in your Ford, by now he's scored,
And if you could you'd go get really drunk.

Took your wallet, waved a mallet,
Made you jump out the car!
You watched him as he drove away.
Now you're so broke, that it's no joke.
You look for a church to go pray.

Doncha know, begins to snow?
Wind gusts slap it right in your face.
Legs are turning blue, and your nose is too!
It's time to get out of this place.

Sit in the street, right in blowing sleet.
Your butt, to the ground it is frozen.
Here comes one, Cop on the run
For coffee and donuts...six dozen!

You're off to the jail, and you can't make bail
The cells are real crowded tonight!
There's a guy there, with bleach blonde hair..
Calls you 'Bubba' and he hugs you real tight.

Shopping malls, bingo halls
You're down and out in the city.
Dressed in rags and empty bags
Salvation army's just up the way!



By Swampetta (

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The featured image is a Swampetta Original.