Proud Little Emporer

© Norma (

Precious, proud little emporer
A penguin of highest order,
King before his time,
The king is dead, long live the king!

Penguin son of emporer father
Lost on his 70 miles
Stumbling upon a human tribe,
Unaware of his new high station.

Precious penguin, puzzled, waddling, plodding,
Where a child's heart he unwittingly warmed,
Then was donned with a bright red woolen hat,
By this babe imagining his cold.

All the old penguins were awed,
Though knowing he was too young for King,
The little emporer leads his flock anyway,
A red hat of love for his crown.

Penguins and Bears

© Swampetta (

Two penguins were out for a night on the town. They were in their tuxedos and just toddling along to the next nightclub when they spotted two beautiful platinum blondes! "Holy Cow!" said George, "Do you see those two Reggie? I'm guessing they look lonely."

Reggie stopped in his tracks,,,"George, old boy, those are the loveliest sights I have ever seen! It would behoove us to offer ourselves as escorts because they shouldn't be out without someone to keep an eye on them,,,,or even both eyes on them!"

George and Reggie waddled over to the fluffy, silver white bears. "How do you do Mesdames? May my friend and I offer you our arms.....? and possibly our wallets and everlasting gratitude?"

The bears looked at each other and giggled, "Oh, don't be silly! My name's Perry and my friends name is Penny. We were just takiing a walk in the snow and looking around to see who was out and about. We would just LOVE to hang out with youse guys!"

With that, the bears locked arms with the penguins and they all went to the famous "Iceberger Club".

They took a table and all around champagne cocktails.

They ate and ate and had more drinks. They watched the shows and then they danced to the music of the "Famous Titanic Troopers". (They only played one song..."Nearer My God To Thee" but they varied the style.)

They found themselves outside watching the sky pink up with sunrise. The Penguins were a bit the worse for wear but the Polar Bears were as full of whoopee as the had been when they first met the penguins. The Bears waved to the Penguins as they galloped away, "So long Reggie and George! We had a great time! Call us!"

The penguins looked a bit tattered in the tuxes but bleary eyed and smiling, they waved back.

As the bears turned behind a large hummock of snow, they stopped and watched the penguins stagger off. Perry laughed and turned to Penny.."OK, time to get these bears suits back to the costume shop." Penny was unzipping and from the white fur emerged..... a PENGUIN!

They tucked the bear suits under their arms and waddled away. The had learned that those uppity Emperor Penguins never wanted to date just ordinary penguins. Since they discovered the bear suits, they had more dates than ever!

Puny Penguin

© RickMack (

He was such a puny penquin
That he was often overmatched,
When sibling wrestling would begin,
Or other rough house plans were hatched.

His brothers and sisters soon grew
To be at least double his size,
Their feathers looked different, too,
Like tuxedos, without bow ties.

Being the runt of the litter,
Was a disappointment to him,
Needing someone as a sitter,
When siblings were learning to swim.

“Don’t go too close to the ice edge,
Or hungry seals may drag you in.”
His mother made him take a pledge,
Wagging her wee wing neath his chin.

“Life is so terribly boring,”
To himself he often complained.
He spent much of his day snoring,
While the others were being trained.

Everyone learned to dive and swim,
And band together in a group.
That is, everyone but him,
Who couldn’t do a sliding loop.

Neither could he ski down a hill,
Flapping his flippers in the air.
“So what if I do take a spill,”
He said, “You never treat me fair.”

His mother warned him, “Don’t talk back!”
Then, with the rest, she’d walk away,
And he’d watch them at Seal Attack,
Their most favorite game to play.

Then, one day, it happened for real,
A bull seal climbed onto the floe.
As trained, the warning went out, “Seal!”
You should have seen those penquins go.

All in a group, they ran so fast,
The huge bull seal was losing ground.
No penquin wanted to be last,
Webbed feet making a slapping sound.

The little penquin saw it all,
From the mouth of his tiny cave.
When he saw his poor mother fall,
He jumped out and started to wave.

From the corner of his black eye,
The seal caught the wild commotion.
Wondering why that white seal pup,
Wasn’t swimming in the ocean.

Well, the little guy saved the day,
By distracting that hungry seal.
All of the penquins got away,
With the seal deprived of a meal.

Of course, the seal pup didn’t know
He wasn’t a penquin at all;
And now that he was a hero,
He and his siblings had a ball.

Will and Thelma Penguin

© Tom (

Two penguins in the frozen land,
No grass have their feet felt,
Waddle about on the ice,
Nothing green with which to wipe their
Hello Nelly, oooooh way too cold.

Will and Thelma Penguin were their names,
Native to this cold and desolate land.
Swim in the ocean, look for fish,
Stand around the rest of the day.

But these two did get cold,
As Thelma was about to an egg lay.
So to the Easter Isles they went,
Where they lolled upon the beach,
Eating warm water fish.

Soon little Enoch came around,
Then it was Izzac, Mary and little Whim.
A whole colony soon was there
All because,
They did not have to wear
Their Artic underwear.

But the scientists thought it odd
And did ship them all home.
So now Will and Thelma stand,
On their small piece of this
Forsaken land.



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