I never cared much for birds,
With pointy beaks and fluttery wings,
Not to mention their sharp little toes,
They seemed like ominous things.

They always pooped on my shiny car,
Making a mess wherever they flew,
No, nothing about birds amused me much,
Until I got to meet a few.

Cardinals puff their bright red feathers,
Bluebirds whistle a happy tune,
A symphony of sound and color,
More dazzling and brilliant than the moon.

They gather seeds from the feeder,
Fly to the birdbath, stopping to sip,
Cardinals first, then chickadees,
They seem to take turns for a dip.

I wake in the morning to sunshine,
And the most beautiful sight I see,
Are the myriad birds that flutter,
And gladden the day just for me.

By Frannie (Frannie516@comcast.net)



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