If this country goes to war,
And no one answers the call,
Young folks fleeing for afar,
Mexico or Montreal;

If they say, “We just won’t go!”
And forfeit citizenship,
What way of life will we know,
Within an enemy’s grip?

What naïve dreamer could think
That all will turn out just fine,
If from enemies we shrink,
Refusing to draw the line?

Although, we all will agree
War is an evil affair,
That’s our price to be free.
One’s cost? Shouldering your share.

If our world were ideal,
Surely, we’d all get along,
Only blissful peace we’d feel,
And none would treat others wrong.

Sad, that this may never be,
Where mere humans are concerned,
For not once in history,
Have vital lessons been learned.

Evil doers do exist,
Constantly posing a threat,
Solving problems with a fist,
Not talk, so best save one’s breath.

All must stand against such foe,
Even at the cost of lives.
Highest praise for those who go
To serve, when their time arrives.

War’s horrors can’t be denied,
Of that, there’s no argument,
And countless loved ones have cried,
When their children’s blood was spent.

What is the alternative,
What other course except war,
If no choice enemies give?
Is the answer to withdraw?

Let us hope the day won’t come,
When this nation balks in fear,
For that will end the freedom
Americans cherish here.

© By RickMack (Rmrickmack@aol.com)



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