Day after Christmas, the house in turmoil,
Children’s toys broken and strewn all about,
Ripped wrapping paper scraps, ribbon and foil,
It seems for nothing the kids did without.

The tree now leaning a bit to the right,
Three broken ornaments smashed on the floor,
Star atop the tree will no longer light,
While the children whine they expected more.

Dad is now worried about paying bills,
And mother is completely exhausted,
As, with debris, six rubbish bags she fills,
An angel food cake still to be frosted.

The dog is confused about the whole scene,
Used to a house more orderly and neat,
While the cat is busy, with paws to clean,
Content with a dish of tuna to eat.

The children, nibbling at goodies they find,
Have dropped gingerbread crumbs everywhere,
With sticky hard candy, cushions are lined,
But poor mother is too tired to care.

The good woman seems to be in a fog,
The Christmas season is never easy.
On the fire, Dad sets another log,
He, too, feeling light headed and queasy.

But it’s almost behind them, once again,
Bad memories will fade into the past.
We’ll learn they’re gluttons for punishment, when
They celebrate Christmas just like the last.

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