The thing that she most misses,
Since the grandkids moved away,
Is all the hugs and kisses,
When they’d come to spend the day.

Too infirmed to travel now,
It’s the way it had to be.
There’s still the phone, anyhow,
And they e-mail frequently.

It’s best for her son’s career,
To take the new position,
In that city miles from here,
Despite her frail condition.

It was the wise thing to do,
His family must come first.
She couldn’t help feeling blue –
The day they left was the worst.

She watched their van pull away,
The children waving goodbye.
On that dark and dismal day,
Nobody had a dry eye.

They promised to phone and write,
And they did, once in a while.
But she longed to hug them tight,
Kiss their cheeks and see them smile.

She didn’t want to complain,
So she told them all was well.
But nothing could ease the pain –
Separation was pure Hell.

She broke from her reverie,
When the chimes rang on the wall.
She limped to the door to see
Who this was who’d come to call.

A fellow from UPS
Stood with a box in his grip.
What it was she couldn’t guess,
But she signed the young man’s slip.

Setting the box on the floor,
The return address, she read.
From her son in Baltimore -
How nice of Phyllis and Fred.

She heard some movement inside,
Through the vent holes in the crate.
Her pleasure, she couldn’t hide -
Anticipation was great.

She fumbled with the front lid,
Then, eagerly, raised it up,
Squealing like a little kid.
Into her arms, leaped a pup!

A poodle, so cute and sweet,
That she felt her old heart race.
Now, life seemed almost complete,
As she felt it lick her face.


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