sitting on my porch (my most favorite place to be)
off in the distance I can always see me
I can see me at Christmas with my sisters and brothers
I see the years pass before me, one after the other

Oh, there I am at the age of twelve
as into a pile of books I delve
while the other kids play out in the snow
it's off to the library I will go

now, off in the distance, I see plenty
of years that pass until I'm twenty
and off on my own, childhood is past
I was off to see the world at last

I got a good job with money to burn
but I found sometimes for the past I'd yearn
then off in the distance I could see
the years ahead full of responsibility

a husband, and children the way to show
the directions in life that they should go
and off in the distance I can see
that again there will be no one but me

back on the porch, I gaze into the distance
and ponder each day of this quiet existence
husband passed on, kids on their own
I think of the years that have come and gone

and in the distance I see you, Good Friend
You who were with me around each bend
I see You holding out Your hand
and in the distance I walk into Your land

By susi Taylor (



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