(The author of this poem has presented hundreds of poets in local public readings... )

Long before medieval times, ever since man can remember,
poets from different shores have been graciously around.

Yet, they have been categorized under three classifications:
Known poets, unknown and anonymous poets.

True. There were also the classics,
but as you well know by now.
"good or bad (like always happened with art)
lays in the eyes of." You know what.

Today it is far more complicated, we have poets of all types
and I don't mean dead good poets or poets currently alive.
No. Everywhere there are poets whose words may cut like a knife.

We have:

Laureate poets
and aspiring poets.
Scholar poets
and blue collar poets.
Traditional poets
and free verse poets.
Resident poets
and poets looking for a residence.

I have seen underground poets
Excellent poets
Animated poets
Patriotic poets
Shameless poets
Classical poets
and poets who show no class.

But if that is not enough,
yes, there are why not?
Grass roots poets
Suburban poets
Center city poets
Homeless poets
Amateur poets
Performing poets
and poets who don't perform.

There are also ethnic poets
Frustrated poets
Privileged poets
Aging poets
Surviving poets.
Good looking poets
and poets who don't look good.

Let's not forget seasoned poets.
Weekend poets
Promising poets
New- in -town poets.
Gay-lesbian poets
Ex-rated poets
and yes..
make believe poets.

Besides the neighborhood poets
there are truly unnoticed poets
Internet poets
Comedian poets
Forgotten poets
Sarcastic poets
Lucky poets
and poets who don't get lucky.

I don't want to put aside
Surprising poets
Engaging poets
Commercial poets.
Immature poets
Low esteem poets
Spaced out poets
Crying baby poets
and poets who do not cry.

The list continues with poets
who simply do not belong,
but as long as they are honest.
you damn right; I love them all.

By Emiliano Martin (Poeta48@aol.com)



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