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New Year's Toast
by RickMack (Rmrickmack@aol.com)

On New Year’s Eve, a toast I’ll raise,
Cranberry juice with a lime twist,
Colorful drink, for festive days -
Mixed with vodka, I can’t resist.

A Cape Cod, they have named this drink,
For the place where those berries grow.
I’ll toast again, quick as a wink,
Hoping to get a little glow.

“Here’s to the new year,” I might say,
Or maybe “Here’s mud in your eye.”
Putting another drink away,
“Down the hatch!” I might even cry.

My repertoire of toasts is broad -
In my time, I’ve learned quite a few.
As I’m hoisting my fourth Cape Cod,
I might mumble, “Here’s looking at you.”

Next, “Over the lips, past the gums…”
Slurred with the fifth one, probably
“…Look out, tummy, cuz here it comes.”
Then, no more drinks are served to me.



New Year's Toast
by Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)

Let's all toast the New Year....before it toasts us!
Here's mine and I'll be looking for yours.

Let's lift a glass to Father Time!
He will take us through the year.
In for a dollar or in for a dime,
Could you hand me another beer?

Mother Nature sends us weather.
Not always nice, that is so true!
Making us all huddled together,
Waiting to see some skies of blue.

Here's to Gravity! Our old friend,
Keeps us stuck on Earth's dirt crust,
Gives us our wrinkles from end to end,
And southwards sends my bust!

So let's give a cheer for 2006!
Wave bye-bye to the year past.
Our emotions may be quite mixed,
As this one will go by fast.

End wars before
Wars end us!



New Year's Toast
by Sharon (Sunyskys1943@aol.com)

1. Here's to the discovery of body transplants. I could use a new one.

2. Here's to the war in Iraq being finished and all terrorists being removed from our world.

3. Here's to children in all parts of the world, being well fed, safe from wars and predators, and getting a good education.

4. And here's to you my friends, for all things good to happen to. Perhaps this is the only one that will come true. But I like to think positive.



New Year's Toast
by Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)

A new year comes,
As others have,
Is that good or is it bad?

Will this one be different or otherwise?
As seventy I have seen lots come and go?
What will the difference be?
Or will it just be an extension
Of the same?

Will we learn to appreciate?
And to even like one another?
Or will it be snide snipping
And more slander?

Heck, just another day,
Just time to move to a new
New schedule of old things.

The hair does thin,
Things do droop and sag,
But that is just part of
Life itself.

The war in Iraq will continue on,
It surely will be another Viet Nam.
Politicians will all be full of fecal matter,
Spouting rhetoric and making promises,
None of which will be kept.

Nah, I will not welcome it in,
Instead I will be in bed by ten,
Then to the gym I will go,
And try to work off some of the damn fat.



New Year's Toast
by Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@msn.com)

I was going through an old recipe box one night,
And came upon some handwriting that was familiar to my sight.

A note from a dear Aunt was written in pencil forty years ago or so.
It gave me some brief culinary instructions to put me in the know.

A candy recipe popped up from the past to help in future, if on making Christmas candy I was bent.
The note in the corner said a double batch had been sent.

In the attic among some Christmas decorations, I found a box of greeting cards.
Some of them contained letters that I could not discard.

Lingering memories waft through the air like tinkling music box sounds.
They haunt me like the ghost from Christmas past as it makes its rounds.

I miss these dear departed loved ones at the New Year the most.
I raise my glass to you, my dears, in a loving New Year toast.




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