Standing here at the window
Watching the snow gently fall
I wonder what you're doing tonight
Will you be going to a ball?

Or, will you be with someone else
across a table holding hands?
Saying words that you have said before
Making the very same plans

I watch the snow and think of you
Remembering a time that passed
So very swiftly the years have flown
I should have known it wouldn't last

The words so easily came to you
"I love you" "I'll leave you never"
And I believed it at the time
You were so very clever

But here it is, New Year's Eve again
And "never" is here and you're gone
So Happy New Year to you once more
It's time for me to move on

I'll watch the snow and think of me
As I look at the clock on the wall
It's time for me to get ready to go
I've got a new date for the ball

By susi Taylor(





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