A tsunami’s horrors that nothing had surpassed
had New Year’s merriment utterly overcast.
Neptune shrugged his shoulders, water turned to steel.
An ocean pitched three thousand miles. SURREAL!
The Presidential Inauguration was a spectacular affair
with the oath of office made in icy cold air.
While eyes and hearts kept straining to the East,
with prayers that war in Iraq should cease,
Fingers were dipped in purple ink–after fifty years–
“Ballot Box Over Violence” a symbol amid cheers.

On Ash Wednesday, ashes were dispensed early this year
and the liturgical calendar soon had us in high gear.
Lent’s somber purple gave Valentine’s gaiety a blow.
Soon children were hunting Easter eggs in the snow!
In a land of milk and honey, Terri’s death–a respect for life?
Who would deny it was a time of national strife?
‘Twas April nineteenth and white smoke filled the sky.
“Habemus papum.” The world heard the cry.
We listened to the cheers of thousands in Rome
as Benedict XVI mounted St. Peter’s throne.

Our eyes have seen things not seen before, bar none.
Highways were congested–Americans on the run.
A long, long hurricane season evoked cries of great pity.
In horror, New Orleans became a sunken city.
Despite unprecedented turmoil and feelings of doom
the year has gone by and flowers have bloomed.
A happy note: His white hair flowing before one and all,
beloved Billy Graham made his final altar call!
And on a sad note: Who could claim to be dry eyed
upon hearing that Peter Jennings had died?

Winter arrived early this year, merciless and cold.
Christmas’s white snow, so greatly extolled,
Has covered the ground since Thanksgiving Day
in anticipation of Santa’s toy-laden sleigh!
We yearn for the Yules of yesteryear, the sharing,
the love outpoured with the sense of caring.
Our homes bespoke the meaning of the Savior’s birth.
Our gifts need not have had great monetary worth.
Baby Jesus, I offer gifts of love straight from my heart,
as this year I pray, I will make a brand new start!
©Evelyn McCusker–2005

© By Evelyn McCusker (Evenccw@aol.com)





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