I see the year as a Ferris wheel. You get on it on January 1st. You're sitting on the bottom of the wheel and you can't see much. Looks almost the same as December 31st, truth be told. But you have a new ticket and it says "Good for one ride through 2006". The fellow takes it and puts the bar across so you don't fall out.

FFWWOOOMMMP! Hey! It's moving! Heading for February now. Still lots of snow around but you can see a little further and you see ,,,,,Hearts and Flowers and Cupids, AWWWW! Ain't that just so cute? February can use a little of that warmth. You just might find yourself in snow up to your nostrils......

BBBRRRAAAMMMMP! AHA! A little higher now. This is March and snow and ice are starting to melt a wee bit. Coming into the Spring. You can spot a crocus or two and a small bunch of snowdrops. The sun is feeling a mite warmer and it's not pitch dark at 4 P.M.. You're not going to put the winter woolies in mothballs just yet! That's begging for a major storm,,,,

GGGGRRRROOONNNKKK! YES! This is April! You can smell the earth sending up green. From up here you can see the bunnies hiding Easter eggs. Kids are riding bikes and rollerskating now. The first thing that they do is to toss the winter jacket under the front porch! Can't expect to ride a bike when you feel like you are wearing wall-to-wall carpeting. Mom keeps yelling at them,,,,"Where's your jacket? You're gonna catch pneumonia!" They don't and the winter jacket under the porch eventually becomes a maternity ward for litters of possums, raccoons and stray cats.

PPPFFFFFRRRRTTTTT! Moved again! Now we're in May! From here, we can see all sorts of flowers blooming. On the ponds and lakes, the Canada Geese are ganging up. The lawn is starting to get that shaggy look that's just begging for a mowing. The days are longer and sunnier. You can smell summer coming. The tides are bringing in Horseshoe crabs and the fish are so close that you can hear them laughing.

CHUNGA CHUNGA CHUNGA BZZZT! WOW! We are at the very top of the Ferris wheel! We can see lifetimes in any direction. The kids are getting out of school and are ready to chase lightning bugs in the long twilight. From here, we can touch the glowing moon and sparkling stars. We have the longest daylight now. The wind is definitely smelling of summer, Cotton Candy, lemonade, mud puddles,,,,All those things we didn't have when we got on this ride. Now we are at the highest spot in the year. Halfway through!,,,,,,already?

GGGHHHIIISSSTTT! This is July! We can see all the fireworks bouncing off the clouds. The air smells of hot sand and salt water. Freckles stand out on your cheeks and nose and they look like they got splattered there with mud from where the frogs hang out. Now when it rains, it makes growls of thunder. Sometimes the lightning flashes pink! The tiny brown stubs you saw on the ground in March have sprouted into eternally winding green vines. Mosquitoes have bloomed like the wildflowers. Even their crunch sting is welcome. After all, it's July and they belong here as much as you do.

PPPPOOOONNNNNNFFP! Whoa! The seat is swinging a little now. That's fun but you don't want to get carried away and spin it so far over that you fall out into the hot, humid August air. The air feels as though it could hold you up....like landing in whipped cream. This is the thickest part of the summer. Even the thunderstorms don't cool you off. Sometimes it's raining steam! Your face is always shiny now and for a few moments, you swear that you saw a rainbow on your upper lip! You better eat that popsicle fast before it drips down your shirt! This is the kind of heat that you would have welcomed in January.

BAPBAPBAPBAPBUMP! September is here. At first you can't tell it apart from August. Until the day you notice that the emerald green of the trees looks dusty now. The grass is fading to dimmer colors too. Kids going back to school fill the streets and you can see some leaves joining them. A tiny flash of yellow in those leaves. From somewhere, a breeze blows the steam of August behind you. You find that you are turning on the lights sooner. The sunsets are showing flourescent colors in the clouds. Maybe it's time to start knitting some hats so they'll be ready for Christmas presents.

FFFOOOOFF GRUNCH! October is really sneaky! Some days start out warm and the sun is glowing. You put on a pair of shorts because it's hot enough to need 'breathing room'. After all, you're working hard raking up the confetti of brazen colored leaves that keep falling. It looks like a awful lot of leaves for those puny trees to have dropped! Makes you wonder if there are elves who bring them back in the dark? It does get dark faster now. Even setting the clocks back doesn't make much difference. You begin to wish you'd put on sweat pants instead of shorts. It's getting chilly in the purple dusk and the Halloween moon looks bigger and scarier than when you were a kid. Where's that sweater you had in the hall closet? Maybe it IS time to get the woolies out of mothballs!

SKA DUNK SKA DUNK! Now it's November. The winds have blown the last leaves off the trees. These leaves aren't the beautiful patchwork of colors last month's were! These are all brown and withered. You walk a little quicker and now it's dark by 5 P.M.. No trees to shade you except for the evergreens that you had forgotten about when all the other trees had leaves that kept them hidden. The Winter holidays are running to catch up with you like they do every year. It's starting to feel like Thanksgiving is the day after Halloween. Do you think next year you'll buy the turkey in time for it to defrost instead of sticking it in the shower for a couple hours?

SSHHHWWWUUUPPPPPP! December? IT. CAN'T.BE.!!! It was just....just...oh,,,Well, I guess it is December. Don't these Ferris wheels go much faster these days? It took a lot longer when we were young. That was when a day had 24 of the lllooooooonnnnnnggggesst hours in it, a week was almost an eternity, a month was too long to even THINK about and a year? .....A whole YEAR???? That was several lifetimes wasn't it? I can see lighted Christmas trees and Menorahs from here. People being nice just because it's the season to be nice....HHHHMMMM....Only ONE season to be nice?

CLUNK....CLUNK PSSTTT! O.K.,,,It's December 31st and I have to get off here. I'll get right back in line again for the next ticket. I know that someday I won't be getting in line again. It will be time to try a different ride....Maybe the roller coaster? Or the Fun House....YEAH! That's the one I'm going to try when I can't get a ticket for the Ferris wheel! See? There's always something to look forward to..

Thought for 2006

By Swampetta (SWAMPETTA@aol.com)





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