“You Don’t Look Like Me”
Copyright © 2005 Pete Bolte – All rights reserved.


I’ll teach you to hold a two seam fastball,
Just right in your hand.
You’re too young for a curve yet.
But change speeds you can.


Maybe we’ll go fishing
Us down by the dam
You’ll learn how to back cast
Watch the fly float as it lands


You don’t look like me boy.
You look like your Ma.
And when all’s said and done,
I know too, boy.
You look like your Pa.


I know this is hard on you.
You’re confused, lonely too.
Your world’s been torn up.
You’re not sure what to do.


In a strange new place
Some things hard to see
‘Cause your Mom out of love
Brought you with her to me


You don’t look like me boy.
You look like your Ma.
Still when all’s said and done
Hi there boy.
I’m your new Pa.


I’ll help you with your homework
We’ll both scratch heads and sigh.
Then we’ll call in your Mom
To teach us how and why.

//Verse – Last//

I’ll teach you to earn a living,
More important, respect
When to walk away, when to stand
Guide the boy I see into being a man.


Yeah you don’t look like me boy.
You look like your Ma.
But when all’s said and done,
I love you boy.
Because you’re my son.


© By Pete Bolte (pbolte@msn.com)






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