A baby was laid into her arms
Stealing away her heart with his charms
She looked upon his sweet little face
And she cried

He took his first steps across the floor
First just a few and then walked some more
She watched him as he toddled about
and she cried

Momma he spoke out loud on one day
With a grin as he began to play
Oh the warmth pouring out from her heart
And she cried

Watching him go to first day of school
Trying ever to appear so cool
He didn't even look back at her
And she cried

Clad in a tux and off with his date
The cute little neighbor girl named Kate
Both heading for the senior prom
and she cried

In uniform erect and so tall
She almost didn't know him at all
He was headed off to war afar
and she cried

Some officers stood at her front door
She knew instantly what they came for
The words they spoke broke her heart in two
And she cried

By Sharon (Sunyskys1943@aol.com)






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