Ava is my companion, guardian and friend,
And she will be faithful to the end.

Her big, brown eyes are trusting, soft and full of incite.
Never wavering, she seeks to please with all her might.

Strangers can be friend or foe,
And she seems to be wary but in the know.

Guarding the house, her vigil she ever keeps,
And she has ears attuned even in her sleep.

Ever ready, even at a moment’s notice, to defend and protect.
She sizes up each and every suspect.

A gentle soul to children and those she loves.
She is a guardian angle sent from above.

Protector of the family and obedient servant she remains,
Until her final reward she attains.

The gentle shepherd sends a message loud and clear,
“If evil be your intent towards family and friends that I hold dear,
You should know that you have much to fear”.

© By Phyllis Ann (Starbird55@msn.com)



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