I find my self starting to hum a tune
Soon I find myself singing.
I can't sing
But I search for the words,
They are hidden in my memories.

I try to remember what it is that my mind remembers,
What the song means to me.
Who played the song
Or sang the song that haunts my mind?
For I cant sing.

Did a lover sing it in my ear as we danced?
Did my favorite artist sing it as I drove?
Did I sing it to my children?
Why do I sing it now?
For I can't sing.

Was it playing as I went through a trying time?
Did they play it at the wedding of my son?
Is it a favorite song of someone I love?
Are the words meaningful to them or to me?
I can't sing.

Was this the song the lady loved to sing
over and over?
She had Alzheimer's.
She loved to sing the songs,
But I couldn't sing


By Brier (Brierhillbarbara@aol.com)

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