Cool drizzle falls on limp hair;
Damp cobblestones worn smooth by
Many passing feet reflect eerie streetlights;
Brick sidewalk bumpy to walk on,
Dragging suitcase loudly over it;
Sweethearts say goodbyes;
Soldiers hold on dearly to their loved ones;
Memories of train trips with Grandpop;
Memories of train trip to Mexico;
Waiting room with shiny, well-worn benches;
People nervously eye each other,
Hoping no one will sit next to them;
Lone ticket agent answers questions methodically
As he clock watches for the end of his shift;
Palms sweat as I contemplate what Iím about to do.
Black stillness on track interrupted
By whooshing of arriving train;
Long walk to end of platform,
Big step up to board train;
One long, mournful whistle, and Iím gone.

© By Nancy (




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