I loved you in the summer,
We were so close in the fall,
But come winter,
I love you most of all.

Sitting close to you,
Holding you next to me,
My heart does titter,
As you do thrill me.

Our summer love was outside,
As we walked and played,
Holding hands as we talked,
Or waded in a stream.

Then came fall,
The leaves did go,
But our love did deeper grow,
As we watched the aspens quake.

The first snow of winter,
As at the fireplace we sat,
I looked into your eyes,
And upon the clouds floated.

But as inside we were driven,
As the snow flakes fell,
I love you more in winter,
Than any tongue can tell.

So let me hold you close to me,
Let me your body feel against mine,
For our love has deepened
As Winter rang the bell.

By Tom (tomWYO@aol.com)





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