I saw the doctor today,
He said all my tests came out fine,
Blood pressureís good, heart is still ticking,
EKG made a strong wavy line.

He checked my eyes and ears,
Down my throat and felt my glands,
He asked a million questions of me,
And probed me with his hands.

And though I did very well,
One bit of news depresses me,
Iíve lost a half an inch of height,
And that canít possibly be!

Iíve always been five feet tall
And with heels Iím even taller
Do you mean that I have shrunk?
Do you mean Iím getting smaller?

ďOh, yesĒ, the doctor said.
ďYou shrink as you age each year.
Your bones compress and muscles shrivel.
The process has started, I fear.Ē

So Iíll exercise every day,
Put myself on a stretching rack,
I refuse to shrink any further,
Iím getting that half an inch back!

© By Frannie (Frannie516@comcast.net)





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